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Previous attempts to produce a decorative result with concrete have relied on basic strategies like scoring the surface with a free-hand design, and embedding sticks, rocks, even cans into the wet concrete.Stamped

Today we use a process called pattern stamping. We use special stamping tools to "stamp" or "impress" a three dimensional pattern into colored concrete, at a specific stage of curing. When the stamping is complete and the concrete fully cured, a sealant is applied to protect the finished surface and provide greater weather resistance. The sealant also acts to highlight and give greater depth to the color and pattern of the finish. The end result is a surface that combines the beauty and distinctiveness of masonry with the durability of concrete.

The most common pattern choices today include slate, brick, granite, cobblestone, tile and flagstone to name only a few available options. Many of our customers prefer the look of multiple patterns and colors combined incorporating features such as custom band work, edging, and centerpieces. The design choices are really only limited by your tastes and imagination. Our skilled finishing specialists can show you a variety of choices with advice on what works and what doesn't based on their years of experience.

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