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Over the last few years there have been some major advances in landscaping and general garden maintenance, resulting in a vast array of products to enhance the look and style of your garden. While many gardeners and landscapers look towards plants to dictate the color and style of a garden, simple products such as gravel can really liven up a colorless landscape, with a mass of different types available.

Hard yet soft ― these seemingly contradictory qualities are part of gravel's appeal.

Durable enough to cover paths, terraces, and driveways, gravel conveys a softer mood than most other types of paving.

Whether you are looking to add a path area to your garden, avoid soil erosion or extending your driveway there is a type of gravel especially for your needs.

The varieties available include :

3/4 Inch Drain Rock (also known as Stony Creek)

This particular variety is ideal for a number of situations including the construction of pathways, dog kennels, and will also assist with general drainage issues. The gravel is dark red in color with fairly large rocks, and while not particularly decorative it is more for practical purposes rather used to add color to your landscape.

1 1/2 Inch Crushed Rock

This particular type of gravel is fairly large and grey in color, and commonly used for roadways, pathways and general ground cover. While it offers assistance with drainage, the light color and large rocks offer an interesting back drop to any garden area.

1/2 - 1 Inch Black Pebbles

These gravel stones are particularly attractive and perfect for decorative purposes, round in shape and polished black in color they offer a different dimension to landscaping. Commonly used in water effects and ponds, they are ideal for catching and reflecting sun light to brighten up any garden.

6 - 8 Inch River Rock Cobbles

Available in a variety of colorings these are some of the largest rocks available and essential for any rockery display. The rounded textures and colorings compliment each other, offering a useful back drop against the often dark nature of the modern garden.

3/4 Inch Shasta Pink

Offering a number of shades of pink, this gravel type is ideal for decorative purposes, whether surrounding particular plant displays, or a general border for any garden. The gravel can also assists with reducing soil erosion by supporting the borders of any landscape.

3/4 Inch Salt & Pepper Landscaping Gravel

This is one of the more common landscaping products, which is useful in a number of situations and garden layouts. While generally dark in color the product comes in a number of different shades offering a subtle effect.

3/4 Inch Crushed Rock

This product is used in a variety of different situations whether planning a road way, walkway or general ground cover. While often used for decorative purposes, the gravel also has a useful drainage function ensuring regular water flow.


1 - 2 Inch Mexican Pebbles

Offered in a vast array of sizes and different shades, these Mexican pebbles offer a dark polished finish which is ideal for decorative purposes. Whether part of a water display, or complimenting a rockery, the stones are sure to catch the sunlight and offer an interesting alternative to the traditional landscape stones.

3/4 Inch Base Rock Class 2

Dark in color, Base Rock is one of the smaller varieties available and generally used for concrete slab bases and foundation work offering a perfect base. While not normally seen on the surface, the gravel can play an important part in the make up of any landscape display.

While the above products cover a vast array of uses, there are many more different varieties available for a whole host of situations. Whether you are looking to add a driveway, pathway or just offer an interesting back drop to your current garden, there will be a color and gravel texture to suit. It is surprising how much of a difference a splash of color or a rookery can add to your garden.

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