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Concrete has come a long ways in the past decade with the simple addition of color. Color-Crete brings functionality, durability and most of all beauty to any environment.

Currently available in 35 standard colors, the COLOR-CRETE, integral coloring system for concrete gives you the freedom to add pizazz and design to what has been considered plain and bland. It gives the freedom to blend your concrete to become a subtle part of the environment. 

Whatever your desire, Color-Crete turns ordinary concrete into bold and exciting structures that burst with color making it ideal for theme parks, city plazas and amphitheaters. Color-Crete can also act as a subtle addition to any landscape, matching surroundings such as golf course cart paths, highway sound barriers or retaining walls. 

Whether your plans call for a dazzling and exciting sitescape or a subtle complimentary landscape, Color-Crete transforms the proven medium of concrete into a workable artistic material that can match any theme or decor.



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Advantages To Colored Concrete

There are several advantages to ordering decorative colored concrete from the concrete company vs. broadcasting color hardener onto a gray slab. Most stamp concrete projects have at least 2 colors involved: a base color (color hardener or integral colored concrete) and a highlight color (also known as a release agent).

By "broadcasting" color, it means the installer is throwing colored pigment onto gray concrete slab and troweling the pigment into the surface. However, the color is bonding directly to the surface and lays on top of the slab -- not throughout the total thickness. Broadcast colors can also mottle, or appear to be lighter in locations, which appeals differently to different people. If you like a more even base color, then colored concrete is a better alternative vs. broadcasted colors.

With integral color, the pigment is mixed within the concrete meaning the entire slab will consist of the same color. For projects with difficult access, this allows ACDI to stamp elevated concrete decks, interior business offices, and tough - to -get - to residential slabs avoiding additional costs for scaffolding or other materials.

Over 60% of all ACDI concrete installations involve the use of colored concrete because very few people can stand looking at bright gray concrete for a patio or driveway.

Colored concrete finishes include:

  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Broom
  • Sandblasted (Removes trowel marks and ages surface)
  • Stamp
  • Polished
  • Hard Trowel